Juvenile Intercounty Round 2

Round 2 of this seasons juvenile inter county competitions took place last weekend in the killarney sports and leisure centre.

Round 1 which took place in november again in killarney had teams at under 11 -13 -15- and 17. In this competition the winning teams after day one lose there top two boys and top two girls for round 2 and the team that comes second lose there top boy and top girl these players would be agreed between the county and the grading committee

In round 2 under 13 we had teams from Clare,Cork,Kerry and Waterford in november Clare had won and Cork were runners up this time round it was Cork who came out on top with Clare second the most exciting match in the u/13 was the game between the hosts kerry and Clare after some great games they both ended up with 10 points each.All the games on the day were two sets  to 21 with one point per set.

The same countys again had teams at under 15 and despite losing there top players from round one Cork again came out on top with Clare again comming second

We had three teams in the u/17 competition Clare,Cork and Waterford here Clare won with 25 points Cork were second with 19 The only disappointment on the day was the fact that the home county couldnt feild an u/17 team after comming second in round 1 in november and that Tipperary and Limerick didnt have a team at any age group.